How to clean your dirty old coins

Perhaps, if you are a coin collector, one of the hardest challenges you can face is of course, cleaning it. You will never know how dirty an old coin can get especially that they came from different places. The only time that you can get a well-maintained coin is when you purchase it from a seller again. But of course, there are easy ways that can help you clean your collection:

  1. Make warm water run over your coins
  2. holding your coin under warm water will help you remove the initial dirt build up on the surface of the coin. The pressure of the faucet will help you to remove this dirt build up easily. Make sure to hold the coin separately under the running water so the water can hit each coin directly and removing the dirt would be effective. After you are done, dry the coins using a towel.

  3. Put the coin in a soap-water solution
  4. you can soak dirty coins in a solution made of water and soap. The soap can soften the dirt build-up on your coin. When you are done dipping the coin, you can use a brush to brush off the soften dirt. If the buildup is too hard, you can soak it for more hours. Just make sure that the soap you will use does not contain harmful and strong chemicals so that the quality of your coin will not be damaged.

  5. Ask a professional to do the cleaning for you
  6. if you are too careful to your coins, you may choose to ask for a professional to clean them for you. go to the nearest coin cleaning shop. Make sure that you will go to your most trusted service shop. This will calm you down when it comes to damaging your coin.

Keep these cleaning tips in your mid so you would not have to worry about your coins!