What is this website for?

Our website is made to inform and educate our readers about coin collection. We want them to have the right knowledge when it comes to types of coins that thy have. This website is also useful in case a collector wants to know the value of a certain coin and if can still be monetized. Our website is also complete with information that can help to know when a certain coin was made. We want to help our readers be equipped with the right amount of knowledge when it comes to coin collection.


How do you gather the information that you provide on your website?

We make sure that we hire experts and professional coin collector that we can assist us in providing the information that our users need. We also do further research as we collect our data and information before we share them to our readers. The staff behind Aussie Coins is all coin enthusiasts hence, the information that we share are also based from our experience as coin collectors.


Do you provide coins that are what your readers want or need?

Aussie Coins can be the avenue or way when it comes to looking for a particular coin that you need in your set. We can give you enough information about the coin that you want or need. If the staff of Aussie Coins cannot provide you your needed information, other users are also free to help you. we have sections and forums where collectors can discuss with their co-collectors.


Do you sell coins in your website?

Our website does not sell anything but we can redirect you to legitimate sellers. We can refer you to a professional seller or supplier who can provide you what you need. Most of the time, these sellers also provide additional knowledge about coin collection.