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Are you a coin collector? Do you love keeping coins as much as we do? Do you find coins beautiful as well? If that is so, then you are definitely in the perfect place!

We are coin enthusiasts who love Australian coins so much. We appreciate the intricate details of each coin and we want to share our knowledge when it comes to coin collection.

Many coin collectors are eager to complete their sets of coins. While collecting various types of coins with different years of production is very difficult, we make sure that we can help our readers with their passion in collecting coins. Our website aims to share them knowledge about coin collecting and where they would be able to find the rarest type of their collection. We aim to provide useful information and we want our collectors to be educated with the trends of coin collection.

While Australian coins are beautiful and unique, they are very rare for coin collectors outside Australia. There are different sources of Aussie coins in different countries but they seem to supply not enough versions of these coins. Most of Aussie coins collectors are so passionate that they spend time and money to travel to Australia and get the version of the coin that they need.

gold coinThis website aims to inform and educate collectors about the information that they need while they are collecting their special coins. We also like to share our knowledge about the different types of coins that are considered as collectibles. We also like to educate or readers with the laws governing coin collection.

Aussie Coins started as a personal website which turned into a public platform. We are grateful for our supporters for letting us be their guide in collecting coins, especially the ones that can be found in Australia.